пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.

Pop-up box card and the American Home Educational Center

Hello there!
I'm so so happy to share this very card with you as it was a true pleasure to make it to celebrate 25th birthday of the American Home Educational Center in Vladimir ( Russia). The idea behind the scenes was to show that you can learn English at any age and the motto of this organization is "English! Friends! Fun!". I tried to make the house at the background look like their real building. And Mo Manning images helped me to represent happy friendly students there. I used Janny texting, Bronte and Louis, Best Pals by Mo's digital pencil and colored them with my fave Chameleon pens ( alcohol markers). 

It's an ordinary pop-up box card but without those flaps, I don't like them and cut them off.

For the balloons I used the balloon set I designed for one Ukranian manufacturer a couple of years ago.

See those strings? all the balloons have the strings. All I have to say it's an awesome project, I'm very pleased with the result :)

Thank you so much fot stopping by! Have an amazing day!
~ Olesya Kharkova. 
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