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Hero Arts and Chameleon pens

Hello there!
I'm so happy to announce today's Friend Friday with Hero Arts and Chameleon pens. Cannot thank enough both companies for their amazing products to work with. It goes without saying that Chameleon pens work perfect with stamps. And just look at these cute sets Winter Time Fun and City Adventure which are full of small creatures and things to make a myriad of different scenes.

This card is quite big so I used my scissors and some round template to trace it and then to cut it out.
With the help of Snowy Drifts Fancy Dies by Hero Arts I created something like snow cap over my globe. Looks pretty, I think :) They also look like icicles this way!

Cannot live without white gel pen, it helped me to add snowfall and also windows to the buildings.

My second card is over at Chameleon blog. Feel free to visit it and look through my downloadable instructions if you are interested. Here are some close-up photos.

Look at that teeny-tine raccoon's paw...he's holding the ornament, I put his paw just through that tiny loop to make it look realistic.

These two sets of Hero Arts stamps are my very favorite of all. The cuteness is overloaded :)
Don't be surprised that all the cards are kind of Christmas themed. The thing is that in Russia we celebrate New Year first on 31 of December and then Christmas on 7th of January. We are so different and are alike at the same time! :) That makes us so unique! 
Happy New Year, sweeties! May this year be full of happiness and joy!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
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5 комментариев:

  1. I love the snow cap on the first card.
    The second is great too - but not as
    vivid as the first.
    thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year (and Merry Christmas)

  2. How adorable both
    your cards are! Love
    the scenes you built
    and all the critters.
    Happy New Year and
    Merry Christmas!
    Carla from Utah

  3. I love the critters in your cards!!! I especially LOVE how you placed the fox and cardinal to be overlooking and making sure that the raccoon is decorating the tree correctly!! This is a wonderful Christmas card that anyone would be pleased to receive!!!

  4. Your cards are absolutely adorable! Your attention to detail (like the raccoon's paw in the loop) really makes your cards stand out! Hope you have a Happy New Year's celebration and Merry Christmas! I love learning how different countries celebrate holidays! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!